In the country of origin, fish are normally kept in quarantine between a few hours and up to a month. Before shipping, they are placed in plastic bags for 48 hours and starved so they will not defecate during transport.

Cartimar-and-Marine-Fish-Exporter-by-Gregg-Yan-7-Sept-2013-(35)Depending on the species, fish travel on their own or in small groups in plastic bags, which are sometimes covered by cardboard or newspaper paper to block out any light. Sedatives, antibiotics and water stabilizers are also added.

The air in the plastic bags is saturated with oxygen and the bag is then packed in a styrofoam box. Fish with spikes are normally packed in two bags.

Maximum recommended transportation period is 40 hours but the fish usually travel between 48 and 72 hours.

A trader receives his “goods” in styrofoam boxes and demonstrates how he handles the fish.Watch film.