My motivation for creating this website is simple:

Our coral reefs are under a massive threat and, according to the UN, they are among the most endangered environments on our planet. Coral reefs are not big rock gardens; besides corals, they shelter a myriad of other living species. – They are the only ones we have; once they are dead, they are gone forever.

There are many dangers threatening coral reefs, among them climate change, which increases the temperatures and the acidity level of our oceans. Corals react very sensitively to both these changes. They become bleached when water temperatures stay too high for too long, ultimately dying (a rise of +1 ° C over several weeks suffices). If the water becomes too acid, corals cannot build any calcite anymore (or it even starts to dissolve).

For this reason, my main concern lies in asking for the protection of coral reefs where personal an immediate action is possible: in commercial trading. The other problems will have to be solved on different levels.

In 1874 Ernst Haeckel said following about coral reefs: ‘You cannot truthfully describe them. You have to have experienced them in order to be able to appreciate them.’

I never forgot this phrase as the sight of an intact coral reef is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I wish future generations will be able to admire coral reefs. An aquarium is no suitable substitute and cannot reproduce a coral reef as seen in the wild.

In February 2013 I received the environmental award ‘Trophée de femmes’ (3rd place) by the Yves Rocher Foundation. A big token of appreciation for my work.

Press release (in German).

Monica Biondo and Director of the Environmental Foundation Yves Rocher Paris, Claude Fromageot